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Steve Collins – President & CEO
Steve is an accomplished executive with over 35 years in the health care industry He was a Founder and Director of Mon-a-therm, Inc. divested to Mallinckrodt, Inc. (Tyco). Steve was a Founder and Director of Infinitech, Inc. that received FDA (PMA) approval for a revolutionary ophthalmic product for retinal surgery, later divested to Alcon Laboratories, an affiliate of Nestle. Steve has held sales, marketing, and general management positions with Pfizer, Kendall, Sherwood, LaBarge, and Mallinckrodt.

Dr. Mark Vreeke PhD – Senior Vice President of Research & Development
Mark did his PhD work under Professor Heller, developer of the WiredEnzymeTMchemistry, and continues to be a protégé and is only one of a handful of people in the world with intimate knowledge of WiredEnzymeTMchemistry formulations and optimization. He is an acting professor at URV,  Spain and his distinguished work at TheraSense is invaluable to Pepex.

James Say –Senior Vice President of Product Development & Engineering
Mr. Say was an early engineering collaborator with Professor Adam Heller at the University of Texas, Austin during the time when Dr. Heller developed the WiredEnzymeTMchemistry. He was conceptual designer and lead engineer at E. Heller & company and later TheraSense for initial development of structures and systems used in both Navigator™ and Freestyle™.

Joseph Driver – Chairman of the Board & Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Driver continues to serve as a director for Pepex and is also the Chief Investment Officer for Vafer Investment Group, Pepex’s largest stockholder and supporter. Mr. Driver and his associates have for many years provided early stage angel funding to technology driven startups and have seen particular success in medical devices.

Steve Pohl – Director of Manufacturing & Automation
Steve has extensive experience in engineering design, automation design, and automation engineering management. He has designed custom machines, installed and debugged production lines managed the specification, quoting and acquisition of externally supplied automation equipment for high volume production lines. Steve was previously employed by Phillips Plastics.

Tom Kappel – Project & Regulatory Coordinator
Tom has a broad background in product development engineering and project management in the medical device field. Currently, he is fulfilling the company’s regulatory need on an interim basis and is serving as a project coordinator. Tom has established a set of design control procedures, reviewed the design control procedures at Phillips Plastics to assure compliance with the Pepex system, and created a design input matrix for the Trio™ sensor.

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