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An innovator of higher reliability, lower cost electrochemical biosensors conceived to meet the critical health care needs for millions of people.

Derived from two distinct technology platforms Pepex’s proprietary position is adaptable to virtually all diabetic disposable enzymatic sensor markets, to the “micro invasive” trend monitoring systems, and to the rapidly emerging demand for indwelling micro sensors.

Platform I: Conductive Composite Monofilament (CCM) Technology

The “CCM Sensor Platform” is a simple but elegant filament like structure developed and owned entirely by Pepex.

CCM has emerged into a market ready technology that will make its commercial debut at the heart of the “Trio®” blood glucose system. Our goal is to provide an alternative capable of replacing the rapidly aging test-strip technology currently used in the treatment of an expanding population of more than 20 million diabetics in the U.S. and up to 250 million worldwide (CRDC numbers).

A whole new standard in electrochemical biosensors, CCM combines a variety of novel new sensor architectures with unique but simplified manufacturing processes and proprietary chemistry coating.

Platform II: WiredEnzyme®

Discovered by Professor Adam Heller out of the University of Texas, wired enzyme is a huge leap forward in medical diagnostics and is so revered that in the Fall of 2008 Dr. Heller was presented with the Presidential Award for Scientific Achievement for his advanced chemistry.

Developed for commercial use exclusively by Pepex and Abbott Diabetes Care, the technology encompasses the electrical connection of enzymes (e.g., glucose or lactate oxidase) with electrodes via redox polymers to form amperometric biosensors. In this manner, electrons are “shuttled” from the enzyme to a meter whenever the electrode encounters the desired molecule. The electrical current produced by the body that the meter records are directly proportional to the enzyme concentration.

WiredEnzyme® chemistry provides Pepex a significant strategic advantage over any other biosensor in medical devices that are designed specifically for continuous, or trend, monitoring and where an indwelling sensor is required. Pepex has leveraged Dr. Heller’s advanced chemistry paired with CCM sensors to create far superior products for a variety of applications including, continuous glucose monitors, lactate trend monitors, and sensors in drug delivery systems.

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